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Second set: Earth ponies
Second set: Pegasi & Unicorns
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"La Casca*Stella" - the Waterfall playset
Third set: Earth ponies
Third set: Pegasi & Unicorns
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1987: Megan and her pony
1987: time for a change - the last IT ponies
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Welcome to our site, a concise encyclopaedia of Italian MLPs. :-) Time has passed since this site was created for the first time... and after our efforts to improve it, I hope you will enjoy this new updated and renovated version.


Why Italian ponies? Italian ponies are unique. Not only their designs are often very different compared to the US original counterparts, but MioMini Pony was never a mere import from the US, but a total re-interpretation of the concept of My Little Pony according to Italian culture. Not only names and pony gender did change, but even the general pony personality, the way and the country Little Ponies lived did. How and why, you will find out reading through this site. ;-)


What does this site offer? Since it was firstly created, the goal of this site was to provide as much precise and complete information on ponies made in Italy. Hence my commitment to first-hand and official information: here you will find the original advertisements and a rich photo gallery. All images and information come from my personal collection unless otherwise stated.



IMPORTANT: This site is the result of a life-long research: I beg you not to take and use any graphics without my previous consent. This site was created to share pony-love with the pony community: you are welcome to use any of the information here, but then I would appreciate if you could give credit  and possibly a link back to this site. Thanks.



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We have just about come to an end to our site massive renovation anyways you may still find some re-construction in progress. Sorry for the inconvenient.  -Roz


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A HYBRID pony mystery solved: brown '82 pony with white mane and heart symbol ("brown Peachy"). Check our Hybrids and Urban Legends sections!