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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


About ponies made in Italy... Who and when made them? | Field Guide to Ponies made in Italy | URBAN LEGENDS... | PROTOTYPES | HYBRIDS | 1984: the original set of ponies | "La Stalla delle Stelle" - the Stable playset | "La Dolce Stalletta" - the Parlor playset | Second set: Earth ponies | Second set: Pegasi & Unicorns | "Ca*Stell" - the Castle playset | "La Casca*Stella" - the Waterfall playset | Third set: Earth ponies | Third set: Pegasi & Unicorns | MioMiniPony Arcobaleno - Rainbow Ponies | Baby ponies: the Nursery and the Buggy playsets | 1987: Megan and her pony | 1987: time for a change - the last IT ponies | Pony wear | Pony-related gadgets & stuff | find out more...
About ponies made in Italy... Who and when made them?

 "Archaeology is the search for FACT... not TRUTH."
Indiana Jones

When you spot one of those (usually) blue-eyed little ponies with an ITALY mark on their hooves, the first feeling is to grab and adopt it. They only seek for love, don't they? But when you finally have one in your hands, you cant help yourself from wondering who made them for real and when exactly, and why are they so different and thus, special.

MioMiniPony - the Italian unique INTERPRETATION of US My Little Pony - were available during the 80s until the mid-90s. Yet, only in the very early 80s ponies were made in Italy and not imported from China and Hong Kong. What made them unique is their emancipation from US MLPs: not only general design and symbol patterns were freely interpreted and re-arranged, but each pony's gender, name, personality was re-invented. The original series of MioMiniPony made in Italy lasted for about 4 years only, from 1983-4 to 1987 ca. Originally produced by the Italian company DAG (Distribuzione Associata Giocattoli) in Bergamo, they were soon no longer made in Italy but imported from Hong Kong first and China then. Not much after, a new company, GIG, took after DAG, and all later ponies were imported by them.

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