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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


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* Urban legends *

Welcome to the Pony Mythology corner.


It is in the nature of collectors to look for unusual variations... :-p But sometimes this search, combined with poor quality images seen somewhere online, spurious information and all together what we may call "collectors gossips" create a urban legend about a pony.


The most common urban legends are misinterpretations of a certain pony: a variation which is actually a faded pony, or a prototype which is actually an mass-production item, and so on... Urban legends are dangerous: they are untrustworthy and mislead pony collectors.


Many urban legends concern the so called "hybrids" and "prototypes": it is in the attitude of every avid collector to see a rare hybrid or prototype in any unusual pony. The best cure for it is the use of first-hand information and official information whenever possible.


*blue Blossom*

(82, blue body, violet hair, flower symbol)

This so-called variation is actually a faded purple Blossom. So far all the available blue Blossoms have failed the fade-test, revealing to be purple inside. (Source: Roz, Lieneke)


*blue eyes*

Ponies made in Italy are said to have dark blue eyes this is true, but although this is the commonest eye colour, there are also ponies whose eyes are light blue (like Macau pony eyes not due to fading) and turquoise/greenish eyes. So far I have only found 82  mold ponies with such eye colours. (Source: Roz)


*brown Peachy*

('82, brown body, white hair, heart symbol)

It has been confirmed by a first-hand source that the original name of this pony was Cannella (Butterscotch) even though she has no resemblance with the first-set pony of the same name. Apparently, old names were "recycled" and body colour, symbol and names were mismatched when more '82 ponies were made later.


*Italian package = pony made in Italy?*

This is a bad mistake, that may lead collectors to buy MIB (=mint in box) items believed to be made in Italy, to find out they are the regular Hong Kong or China issues available in other countries as well. Please bear in mind that ponies were made in Italy *only* until the 1987 ca, and any later pony after the third set was *imported*. 


*later issues made in Italy*

Unlike ponies made in Spain or Argentina, that lasted for longer, ponies made in Italy only include the classics (82-83-84 patent ponies, first sea ponies included). After the third set, ponies made in Italy were discontinued, and issues made in Hong Kong and China were imported instead. Regarding transition sets, it is still unclear if Baby ponies, Megan & Sundance and Flutter ponies were ever made in Italy. I have *not* found any evidence of a possible issue of them made in Italy. (Source: Roz)


*white Peachy*

(82, white body, pink hair, heart symbol)

It is not a white issue of Peachy, but actually an early, white-bodied issue of Polly/Snuzzle.


*white Twilight*

(83, white body, blue hair with white streak, star symbol either in the walking pose or raised-legged pose). This pony is NOT a hybrid. It is the regular Italian  issue of Re Unicorno (Majesty's counterpart) and those versions were available with different issues of Ca*Stell (Dream Castle).


*white Wavedancer (or white Wavebreaker)

(sea pony, white body, blue hair)

I believe she's a faded pink pony (regular Wavedancer).