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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


About ponies made in Italy... Who and when made them? | Field Guide to Ponies made in Italy | URBAN LEGENDS... | PROTOTYPES | HYBRIDS | 1984: the original set of ponies | "La Stalla delle Stelle" - the Stable playset | "La Dolce Stalletta" - the Parlor playset | Second set: Earth ponies | Second set: Pegasi & Unicorns | "Ca*Stell" - the Castle playset | "La Casca*Stella" - the Waterfall playset | Third set: Earth ponies | Third set: Pegasi & Unicorns | MioMiniPony Arcobaleno - Rainbow Ponies | Baby ponies: the Nursery and the Buggy playsets | 1987: Megan and her pony | 1987: time for a change - the last IT ponies | Pony wear | Pony-related gadgets & stuff | find out more...

Here follows a list of other informative sites you may find worth to visit.

A * next to it, means they also borrowed pictures from my collection.

* My Little Pony Collector, by Lavonia
The most complete and precise US guide to MLP; it also contains a wide gallery of ponies made in other countries, such as Spain, France, Macau, Greece, Brazil

I particularly appreciate Lavonias commitment to trustworthy information by keeping in touch with variation/native collectors.


Mio Mini Pony The Italian Resource, by Lovely Tickle

A rich gallery of Italian pony pictures from Lovely Tickles collection and donated by others. There you will find in particular many hybrids I dont have on my site. Definitely worth a look at!


Taffeta's Scrapbook, by Taffeta

Definitely the best UK guide to UK/Euro ponies. It also contains a gallery of other foreign ponies.


Once upon a Rainbow, by Roz/GlobeTrotter

My main MLP site is currently down due to massive reconstruction. :p Im currently in the process of creating a data-base to list all my variations so that info can easily be accessed from the main page. Keep tuned! :-)