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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


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"La Stalla delle Stelle" - the Stable playset

- Advertisement from December 1984, still used in November 1987

"La Stalla delle Stelle" (=The Star Stable) was the first playset intended to be a home for the little ponies. Available from the early 80's till several years after its first release, the Stable was generally associated with a pony called Limone, and a pet dog, called Whiskey. Ironically, while the US pony counterpart was named Lemondrop, the US dogs name was Brandy.

Different issues of the Stable were available in the market, each of them coming with a  slightly different version of Limone (view examples). Also some issuescame with experimental ponies know commonly referred to as hybrids: among the others, a brown white haired pony with pink butterflies as her symbol, often called by collectors "brown Butterscotch".  The pony was probably nameless. It is still unclear if the grey-bodied pink-haired hybrids with Limones symbol came with some issue of the Stable. Because of almost no existence of advertisements promoting those hybrids it is very hard to understand their general role in the pony line.

In 1992 a new international issue of the Stable was available this time including the imported pony made in China. The new Stable had writing on it (name, etc) no more in Italian but in English ("Show Stable").

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* L I M O N E *

* Accessories *
The Stable came with similar accessories to those the US Show Stable came with.

* La Stalla delle Stelle *
Note the above pony is N O T the one the Stable came with, but a US counterpart