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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


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Hybrids: it is a non-official term invented by collectors and widespread to indicate an unusual pony (i.e. that apparently cant be identified by comparing it to a US original counterpart) in which features of *two or more* different US ponies are *combined*.


Although being a common term in collector slang, whenever the original identity of such a pony is known, it would be better to call it by its official name. Examples: Chionula (Greek 82 pony, features yellow body, pink hair and bowtie symbol: her name is known from original Greek advertisements and is preferably used) vs. 82 grey and pink Macau pony with drop symbol (her name is unknown; collectors refer familiarly to her as Snuzzledrop, being a combination of Snuzzles colours and Lemondrops symbol)


There is a wide series of "hybrids" in the Italian pony line. Most of those are later issues, sometimes sold with play-sets. No evidence of their original name has been found yet, except for those ponies which were not "hybrids" but regular issues, although featuring differences compared to the US counterparts.

Examples: Viola & Turchino (their later issue is in the walking pose, insteaad of the raised-legged one - those are NOT hybrids); Re Unicorno (his symbol is a bunch of stars instead of flowers; a flower-symboled issue does NOT exist, being this one the "regular" Italian one).



NEW: some new information on hybrids is now available: a first-hand source confirmed that a "hybrid" pony she owned since a child (brown-bodied '82 pony with white mane and white hearts as symbol compare with Pesca) had a NAME: Cannella, originally the name of a first-set pony.  This seems to prove that "hybrids" were later issue ponies whose names were recycled from early sets, although they have no resemblance with the original pony of the same name. Hence, I guess it is incorrect to consider them variations of a certain pony, as they combine name, symbol, colour and sometimes even pose of different ponies. It is seems the nickname "hybrids" is still the most appropriate! :-)