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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


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Pony wear

Pony wear is specially designed clothes that ponies can wear... :-) As pony wear was available in most countries, there was an Italian line as well, resembling the US counterpart. It was available some time between 1985 and 1987 ca. and it included the pony early outfits. It is still unknown if pony wear available in Italy was made there or imported.
The only advertisement I had, included among the others, Hearts 'n Candy outfit, Great Skates and a floral dress with straw hat outfit. Such outfits had Italian names.
I am currently looking for further information on pony wear and, possibly, advertisements. Graphics from comics show further pony outfit that were probably available as well.