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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


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1984: the original set of ponies

- Advertisement from April 1984 -

The first time I saw a MLP commercial on TV it was in 1984, and chances are ponies poked their muzzle in the Italian market for the first time between 1983 and 1984.
The first set ponies had a patent pending mark of 1982, just like their US conterparts. Among fans those ponies are commonly known as "collector ponies". The original American set counted six ponies: Blossom, Bluebelle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, Snuzzle. That US first set is unique for they were the only ponies made with "flat hooves" while all following ponies and ponies made in other countries (except for Brazilian ponies) had concave hooves. ITALIAN FLAT-FOOTED ponies DO NOT exist.
At the very beginning, the first Italian set that tested the market counted not yet six but ONLY FOUR ponies, one of which was a WHITE issue of Polly (Snuzzle) that only later was made in the original GREY colour.  This white pony is often referred to as "white Peachy", which is sadly a common collector mistake. To be closer to the truth, she is a "white Snuzzle" in fact. ;-)

s t a r - s y m b o l
* B L U *

s h a m r o c k - s y m b o l
* M I N T Y *

b u t t e r f l y - s y m b o l
* C A N N E L L A *

d o t - s y m b o l
* P I N K Y *

f l o w e r - s y m b o l
* L I L L A *

h e a r t - s y m b o l
* P O L L Y *

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