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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


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MioMiniPony Arcobaleno - Rainbow Ponies

 Like US Rainbow Ponies, Italian "Pony Arcobaleno" were sold in two sets, one available in 1986 ca. and considered part of the second MioMiniPony set, the other one about one year later, and considered part of the third MioMiniPony set. 


Anyway, ponies from the former rainbow set were re-issued later too, that's why I'd rather speak of rainbow ponies in general instead of set one and set two. In particular, re-issued rainbow ponies from set one feature changes such as alternate hair colour sequence (set two-like) or alternate pose (for unicorns).


Like the US rainbow ponies, the set included two earth ponies, two unicorns and two pegasi (plus extra reissued ponies from previous set in set two).



Set included the following ponies:


*Set I:

Azzurro (earth pony, aqua body; silver cloud and gold sun symbol)

Rosa (earth pony, pink body; umbrella symbol)

Bianco (pegasus, white body; gold sun symbol)

Giallo (pegaus, yellow body; bird symbol)

Turchino (unicorn; planet symbol)

Viola (unicorn; planet symbol)


(Please do note several re-issues of these two unicorns were available, and those feature remarkable differences not only in pose, but symbol design and body colour too.)


*Set II:

Confetto (earth pony, white body; confetti symbol)

Trillo (earth pony, yellow body; watering can symbol)

Michele (pegasus, orange body; butterfly symbol)

Barnaba (pegasus, purple body; feather symbol)

Pilla (unicorn, magenta body; pinwheel symbol)

Stella? (unicorn, blue body; star symbol)