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" Mio Mini Pony: Il Diario della FelicitÓ " ...the world of MLPs made in Italy


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* Polly *


Polly was included in the very first four-pony set available in Italy (soon to include two more ponies like the US set) and is someway a unpopular pony. Because of the symbol and hair colour analogy with Pesca (a bunch of hearts, pink hair), and the wider diffusion of the latter, Polly is often mistaken for a Pesca variation, or, worse, a faded version.

Polly is indeed a different pony, and like her US counterpart, Snuzzle, she is grey with pink hair, and many will say her lack of popularity is due to her sad colours, compared to the cute pastel colours of Pesca/Peachy. Her body is also of a darker shade of grey compared to the US version made in Hong Kong.

Yet, her first issue (in the four-pony set) was a white-bodied version that was soon substituted by the regular (even if less attractive) grey one. Ironically, collectors often wrongly refer to this white version as white Peachy.





Two different issues compared...